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Rad Design & Architecture PLLC, is a professional firm working directly with private clients, investors, management companies and institutions. 

Established in 2009, RD&A operates as a PLLC, with the philosophy and dynamic set by its principal, Radoslaw Kurek RA. 


Radoslaw utilizes his extensive technical knowledge and artistic intuition in the study and execution of each project. New technologies and solutions are always explored and implemented to keep designs fresh and up to date. These fundamentals insure the guarantee of a solid product. 

Following these principles , we are confident in our works.  Maintaining high industry standards allow us to focus on the design . As a result projects as delivered have solid fundamentals and high aesthetics. 

The main priority is always a successful result  - combination of the client's program and the design which stays in line with our beliefs . 


Radoslaw was born and raised in Poland where he studied architecture at Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. Moving to NYC in 2001, he complemented his education with urban design studies. Rad holds a Masters in Urban Design earned under prof. Michael Sorkin.

Rad worked with Vail Associates Architects in NY for seven years under Thomas Vail as a project architect. Completing multiple residential projects, from apartment renovations to new buildings.

In 2007  he moved to London UK, where he joined Rolfe Judd Architecture. With RJ , Rad worked on large scale mixed use buildings, amassing  excellent supplement to his work experience.

Rad opened his own practice Rad Design & Architecture in Greenpoint NY, after his return to NY in 2009 and earned his architectural license in 2012.

Rad devotes his time to Office – Family – Sailing.



cell: 917-655-3372

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